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July 31st, 2019

6 Best Moving & Packing Tips for Your Next Move

You finally found the perfect house, one that checks all (or most) of the boxes on your must-have list because you designed it yourself! It’s in a great neighborhood, it won’t take any work to make it perfect for your style, all the appliances are brand new, and it’s centrally located between work and your kids’ school. Yay! But now, you might be staring at your current house and all of the things that you are going to have to pack into boxes. Whether this is one of many moves and you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first time moving, ultimately there’s no right or wrong way to pack up your life and move. There’s always the option of having a full-service moving team do the dirty work for you, but if you’ve decided to go the more cost-effective route and recruit family and friends to help, here are our top 6 packing tips for moving into your new home.

Packing Tip #1: Declutter

There is virtually no point in packing and unpacking items that you don’t even want. So, when you’re preparing to move, start by getting rid of the items that don’t hold any value to you. Maybe for you that means dwindling your wardrobe down to just the items you wear, getting rid of furniture that doesn’t make sense in your new home, trashing old odds and ends that no longer work, and donating the items that are still in good shape but just aren’t being used. It’s important to minimize the amount of stuff you’re packing to make sure you aren’t moving items that you’re just going to throw away later.

Packing Tip #2: Pick up boxes in standard sizes

There are a variety of packing containers out there that you can use: crates from the grocery store, cardboard boxes, plastic storage bins, etc. but it will make the process a whole lot easier for you if you get all one style of container. Here’s why: it’ll be easier to stack. That’s it! It helps to save room in whatever vehicle you may be transferring your belongings in once all is said and done so make it easier for yourself and choose one type of container and stick to it. 

If you decide to go with classic cardboard boxes (probably the best option), you can buy them at big-box or mailing stores, or ask friends and family if they have extras they could donate to your worthy cause. 

Packing Tip #3: Start packing early

It’s never too early to start because the closer you get to your moving day, the more stressful the process becomes and the more rushed it is, resulting in items not being wrapped and packed properly. Start in the weeks prior to your move by packing up items that you won’t need and sealing up boxes until you’re left with just your everyday essentials like toiletries and kitchenware. 

Packing Tip #4: Pack your boxes smart

You’ll want to pack and unpack your boxes room by room, keeping the items separate and organized and labeling them as you go. Label the top and side of each box with a general description of the box’s content and the room it belongs in. 

When you’re packing, follow these guidelines:

  • Put the heavier items in the bottom and the lighter items on top. 
  • Fill in as much space as possible. You can fill the gaps with clothing, towels, packing paper in the case of fragile items. 
  • Be aware of items that need to packed specially. Plasma screen TVs, for example, can be damaged if laid down flat so instead pack them upright in their original box or in a wooden crate designed for that use.
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes. Things like ceramic dishes, books, and small furniture can get heavy fast so don’t overload large boxes with these items. Instead, follow the philosophy of the heavier the item, the smaller the box. 
  • Leave out leaky liquids. You need to take special care when packing liquids especially those containing chemicals that could break or leak in transit. Federal law prohibits the transport of flammable or hazardous items anyway so just leave those behind.

Packing Tip #5: Break down furniture, if possible

Anything that can be broken down and packed more efficiently should be so that it’ll arrive at your new home undamaged. Make sure, however, to keep all the pieces together including the screws and nails needed to put it back together again.

Packing Tip #6: Pack everything carefully

Despite what you might think, it’s not just glass and artwork that need to be padded when packed. Anything can become dented during the moving process so make sure to take the extra step to wrap and protect everything before putting it securely in a box. 


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  • "We moved here from New England, so most of the transaction on our new home was done long distance. Everything went very smoothly and the house was finished in time. Our questions after closing were addressed in a timely manner."
    - Lisa B.
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    - Christopher and Teresa B.
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    - Conchita H.
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    - Lewis & Susanna
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    - Phyllis M