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August 17th, 2018

Our pantries can either be a source of frustration, or joy. Let’s aim for the latter. There are so many ways to layout, organize and stock a pantry that overhauling and redesigning this area of your house can be an overwhelming task to face. We’re here to help—here is our short and sweet guide on how to organize and stock your pantry.

Create zones

First, identify the applicable categories for your pantry. For example, easy weeknight dinners, portable lunches, snacks, baking items, breakfast, kitchen tools, utensils for entertaining etc. Then section your pantry accordingly with the most commonly used items being the most accessible.

Utilize drawers or lazy susans

Want to avoid spices getting pushed to the deep, dark depths located at the back of your shelving? Try drawers or a lazy susan to keep all your spices or baking extracts easily visible and accessible. There are a ton of great solutions online a Ikea or Amazon for quick-installation drawers for your pantry.

Get creative with hanging solutions

There are plenty of options out there for pantry shelving and hangers, no doubt. But, why just look in the kitchen/pantry department? We recommend looking into bedroom or bathroom hangers well. One of our favorites is using a metal shower caddy for produce.

Use stacking plastic containers

You can better utilize your spacing by using stacking plastic containers, which are great for storing grains, nuts, etc. Be sure to get clear plastic containers so that you can easily see what is low.

Install door storage

Make use of space on the back of pantry or cabinet doors by installing DIY door hangers for objects you use most frequently. Be mindful that these items aren’t too heavy, and that the depth of the shelves are shallow enough to make sure the doors can still close.

Label it

If you are using plastic containers or other storage bins, it’s a great investment to purchase a labeler. These are relatively cheap, and are a semi-permanent solution that you can keep editing each time you either refill or repurpose a particular storage container.

Use a pegboard

Pegboards are a great, customizable solution for creating shelves, hanging hooks and more. The beauty of using a pegboard is that is flexible, allowing you to shift things around as needed.

Utilize crates for under-shelf storage

Does your pantry floor tend to accumulate junk or random objects? Organize it with crates that can hold larger (taller) objects, reusable shopping bags, plasticware, etc.


Create a chip/bag hanger

Similar to the ones found at the grocery store or gas stations, this DIY chip rack is a great way to save space and keep chips or other bagged items fresh. Plus, it’s super simple to make.

Do you have any other tips of how to organize your panty? Share them with us!



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