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July 19th, 2018

Choosing an interior paint color is an exciting process, but for some of us this commitment to color can be a little stressful. Investing time, money and energy into repainting is not something you’d want to regret! To help walk you through the process, we’ve put together a stress-free guide on how to pick interior paint colors.

Find your inspiration

Take a moment to scan your home, your closet and other belongings. Observe any trends in the colors or color palettes. Whether you realize it or not, inspiration for your interior paint choices are all around you! Maybe you have a favorite throw pillow, rug, scarf or piece of art that you are particularly drawn to. Most likely these items feature colors or tones to which you are naturally attracted. If you are painting a room that is already furnished, base your color scheme off of the largest patterned piece in the room like an accent rug or upholstery. If this object has bolder colors perhaps you use the more neutral tones in this object’s pattern.

Understand the energy of each color

Every color carries a particular energy and can evoke particular emotions. Based on the room you are painting, you may take into consideration the energy you would like to create in that space. For example, soothing energy in your bedroom versus more lively energy in the living room or kitchen. Below is a list of each color and the particular energy that is connected:

  • Red: courage, vitality and self confidence
  • Orange: happiness, confidence, resourcefulness
  • Yellow: wisdom, clarity, self-esteem
  • Green: balance, nurturing, love
  • Blue: knowledge, health, decisiveness
  • Indigo: intuition, mysticism, understanding
  • Purple: beauty, creativity, inspiration

Consider lighting

The “true” tone of your color choice will be dependent on lighting. It’s important to consider not only the amount of light in the room, but the source of light—whether it be natural, incandescent or fluorescent. Also, noticing if the placement of your paint choice is going to be in direct or indirect light. For example, a bold red may be a little too powerful if right beside a window but could be a great choice for a wall that receives more indirect light.

Be mindful of the overall flow of your home

Oftentimes, we tend to get so sucked into the single room we are redesigning or painting that we forget to zoom out and see the big picture of the entire home. Consider your home as one large composition; when standing in one room, what walls can you see in the adjacent rooms? When you walk through your home where are the sight lines? When selecting paint colors, keep this in mind to ensure that your choices are creating a balance of both fluidity and contrast.

Try it on

Thanks to brilliant tech-savvy engineers, there are a multitude of awesome apps that allow you to “test” your paint color via your smartphone’s camera. One of our favorites is the Project Color app by Home Depot. You can download this app directly to your phone, browse available colors and then try them out on your very own walls using the camera feature. Give it a try today!

Do you have any other tips on how to pick interior paint colors? We’d love to hear them!



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