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April 25th, 2018

7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Remember

Spring is all about new life, a fresh start and budding opportunities. What better time to give your home a “fresh start” as well with a deep Spring cleaning? There can be mixed emotions as you embark on your Spring cleaning journey, but we’ve put together 7 quick and—dare we say, dirty—tips on Spring cleaning.

Don’t forget the cabinets

Cabinet doors and handles are often overlooked during our routine cleaning, yet are home to a lot of dirt, grime and germs. Be sure to wipe down and sanitize these puppies well.

All-natural refrigerator cleaner

The fridge can be a scary place once you get everything out of there and take a closer look. We recommend using a salt and soda water mixture to help scrub and loosen any buildup that has accumulated over time.

Clean out the oven

Do you ever smell something burning when preheating the oven? For most of us, cleaning these little pieces of food or grease from our oven is not a part of our routine cleanings. During your Spring cleaning, we recommend using baking soda and a few drops of vinegar to help loosen any pesky food particles. Let the mixture fizzle a little, and then wipe clean.

Window screen hack

One of our favorites! Use a square of carpeting to deep clean window screens. The texture of the carpeting is perfect for loosening up dirt. Add a liquid cleaner of your choice to remove any discoloration or buildup.

Give your dishwasher a wash

We often forget that our dishwasher needs washing too! Be sure to check out the bottom for pieces of food—and maybe even dishes or silverware—that have gotten trapped. You can also purchase special cleaner for your dishwasher (make sure it is approved by your brand) and run a few cycles to make sure everything is squeaky clean.

Give your drapes a facelift

Over time, dust and gravity can take their toll on your window treatments. The problem is that most fabrics are dry-clean only. A great way to revive your drapes is to put them in the dryer on the air-fluff cycle with a wet towel to remove dust. Be sure to run them for a maximum of 15 minutes, and put them back up immediately after to avoid wrinkling.

Air out your bedding

In some cases, your bedding and pillows don’t necessarily need to be washed but they would definitely benefit from some fresh air. Set up a clothesline outside and let these items air out for a day to air out all that winter!


Do you have any questions or other Spring cleaning tips? Contact us today!



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