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February 13th, 2018

So far this year we have seen our fair share of cold weather—including snow storms! The cold can leave you feeling frigid and well, a little lazy or stir crazy. Turn up the heat a little this winter with these tips and ideas for cold weather fun!

Indoor Activities

Game night: Few things beat family or group game nights. Our recommendation, pick 5 of your favorite board games and plan to play one each night after dinner. Or, if you’re snowed in you can play one after each family meal—hey, you’re already all at the table!  Tired of board games? Get creative, making up an obstacle course or putting together various challenges for your very own homemade “minute to win it” game show.

Get theatrical: Channel your inner Shakespeare as you read a book together and act it out. You can even do a bit of “round robin” by passing the book around. Either have the reader act out the story, or pick an actor and a reader to work together to play out the story for the rest of the audience. Entertainment for all!

Dance party: Shake off those winter blues with a family dance party. We love the idea of putting everyone’s favorite songs together on a playlist using apps like Spotify or iTunes then letting it shuffle. Let loose and have fun—maybe even get a dance-off going!

Cook together: Working together in the kitchen is a great activity when the cold weather drives you indoors. Whether it’s baking sweet treats, making homemade pizzas or creating an awesome taco buffet, everyone can help and everyone can enjoy to the final products!


Take nature walks: We know, we know. It’s cold out! However, winter is a great time to observe the pristine beauty of nature. Observe the plants that are still thriving, and you may even be surprised to see all the animals that are still “out and about” in the cold weather. Unlike people, not all animals hibernate indoors during the cold weather!

Decorate a tree outdoors: Have your family pick a tree outdoors and decorate it for the animals with various treats such as peanut butter pine cones with bird seed, carrots, apples, oranges, popcorn garland and more. The animals will love it, and it looks nice once it is all put together!

Chilled Ponds Rink: Seasonally, there are some outdoor rinks in Hampton Roads but you can enjoy ice-skating fun year round at the local ice rink in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake.


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  • "We moved here from New England, so most of the transaction on our new home was done long distance. Everything went very smoothly and the house was finished in time. Our questions after closing were addressed in a timely manner."
    - Lisa B.
  • "Our experience at Stockbridge has been awesome. They have a wonderful agent - very kind and knowledgeable of her inventory and community. The features of both the homes and community has exceeded our expectations."
    - Christopher and Teresa B.
  • "When I saw the value Hearndon was putting in these homes, I couldn't wait to buy one. I just burst out in tears when I closed and moved into the home of my dreams."
    - Conchita H.
  • "As first time home buyers, we quickly learned that Hearndon built a super house with so many upgrades as standard and so much service after the sale — we are just so happy with everything."
    - Lewis & Susanna
  • "Hearndon builds a good quality home... great design to make the most of the square footage. Everyone who visits me compliments the floor plan. I agree... you get a lot of house for the money!"
    - Phyllis M