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August 27th, 2015

Moving into a new home can be a stressful process, no doubt. However, there are ways to help plan, organize and optimize your move. Here are 10 tips to make your move less stressful:

  1. Write the contents and room on outside of box.
    10 Tips to Make your Move Less Stressful

  3. Use different colors of duct tape to help identify where the items go.
  4. Take pictures of your electronics and how they’re hooked up so the set-up is easy in your new home.
  5. Contact charities before your moving day so they can pick up all of your donations.
  6. Organize electric cords in toilet paper tubes.
    10 Tips to Make your Move Less Stressful

  8. Fill nail holes with bar soap.
  9. Slide garbage bags directly over clothes on hangers.
    10 Tips to Make your Move Less Stressful

  11. Wrap a rubber band or tape over the lock so you won’t get locked out when moving in and out of your house.
  12. Pack the items you’ll need first in a clear plastic bin.
  13. Cover items in drawers with press n’ seal wrap. This will make the move more manageable (the drawers acting like individual boxes) and the dresser easier to lift.

Do you know of any other tips? Share them with us on our social media pages! 


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  • "We moved here from New England, so most of the transaction on our new home was done long distance. Everything went very smoothly and the house was finished in time. Our questions after closing were addressed in a timely manner."
    - Lisa B.
  • "Our experience at Stockbridge has been awesome. They have a wonderful agent - very kind and knowledgeable of her inventory and community. The features of both the homes and community has exceeded our expectations."
    - Christopher and Teresa B.
  • "When I saw the value Hearndon was putting in these homes, I couldn't wait to buy one. I just burst out in tears when I closed and moved into the home of my dreams."
    - Conchita H.
  • "As first time home buyers, we quickly learned that Hearndon built a super house with so many upgrades as standard and so much service after the sale — we are just so happy with everything."
    - Lewis & Susanna
  • "Hearndon builds a good quality home... great design to make the most of the square footage. Everyone who visits me compliments the floor plan. I agree... you get a lot of house for the money!"
    - Phyllis M